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Charming small fisherman harbor, San Marco is rich of Roman and Greek history. Indeed, archeological excavations allowed uncovering precious graves that are now held in the Paestum Museum. It is actually behind the current harbor that one can still see tangible heritage from the ancient Greek-Roman port and the presence of old patrician houses. 

Right at the centre of the bay stands the old Castellabate village overlooking the sea from its 1,000 feet height. It is a small Middle-Age village hosting the 12th century castle of Costabile Gentilcore IV, head of the Benedictine abbey founded on 10th October 1123. This is where the name of the village comes from: Castel of the abbots turned into Castellabate. Beyond the castle, the old houses and narrow streets and stairs are a fascinating experience for tourists, and inspiring artistic feelings for many painters and authors such as Hemingway.

Ancient fisherman village, Santa Maria is nowadays a modern and developed tourist resort amongst the most important ones on the Cilento Riviera. Both ends of the villages are highlighted by two beautiful villas: the Belmonte Villa and the Matarazzo villa that are hosting interesting cultural activities. In their gardens one can admire stunning century old trees and very rare tropical species. Furthermore It hosts the Perrotti palace built around one of the oldest defending tours of the gulf coast. This village also has the municipality and all relevant public services as well as many shopping opportunities.

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